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Eastern District of Texas, Western District of Arkansas
Texarkana Division

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Patent Litigation

Patent disputes have become big business as patent holders and inventors seek to assert their intellectual property rights over the steadily evolving technological landscape. For businesses and individuals facing a patent dispute, Gillam & Smith provides experienced trial counsel to protect their valuable intellectual property rights.

We represent clients in disputes over patents involving a wide array of technological innovations, including:

  • digital video recording and on-demand technology
  • software for virtual private networks
  • network messaging and data transmission
  • magnetic strip technology
  • network communication patents
  • methods for transmitting data over a wireless network
  • electronic payment systems
  • product life cycle management software
  • pharmaceutical and medical devices

For companies involved in a patent dispute in the Eastern District of Texas, Gillam & Smith provides both solid trial skills and a familiarity with and respect for the local customs and culture of East Texas courts.

We are experienced trial lawyers with a track record of success. If you are a business or an attorney seeking co-counsel or trial counsel in patent litigation, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

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