About The Artwork

Our website features several drawings by our co-founder, Harry L. “Gil” Gillam, Jr. A lifelong artist, Gillam began drawing the historic and architecturally unique courthouses of East Texas as a hobby. Soon, the firm began including them on their Christmas cards and, before long, they became popular throughout the region, among lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

The drawings include current courthouses as well as some that are now used for other purposes or have been razed. Several of the buildings – including the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Tyler, the Old Federal Courthouse in Jefferson and the Texarkana U.S. Post Office and Federal Building – are on the National Register of Historic Places.

The historic courthouses of East Texas include some of the finest examples of Classical Revival and Renaissance Revival architecture in Texas. Fortunately for the citizens of this area, many of the buildings have been well-maintained and preserve much of their original design and architectural flourishes, inside and out.

Gil Gillam says the drawings allow him to combine his love of art and architecture, as well as his passion for the law, history and East Texas.

“I spend a significant portion of my life in these buildings, and they’re an important part of this region’s history,” Gillam says. “They represent another era that we need to preserve and remember. In a small way, these drawings help me do that.”